developerDB releases improved UI/UX for tech recruiting

developerDB releases improved UI/UX for tech recruiting

You asked, we listened and delivered.

With feedback from loyal developerDB clients, developerDB releases a fresh new user experience. Additional features and enhanced functionality are coming in near future releases, but we didn’t want to delay commonly requested improvements that increase recruiter performance today. 

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Mile high view of enhancements:

  • Search interface and related search results now sit side-by-side
  • State and city data entry validation implemented (no more typos)
  • Ability to select which specific profiles to download to CSV
  • Profiles per page is now adjustable
  • And much more …

We are rolling out our Advanced Search after this. And stay tuned for more great updates and know that your feedback really matters to us.

And if you have not used developerDB: I wanted you to know that developerDB helps recruiters by ranking the tech skills of GitHub and Stack Overflow members. This enable recruiters to quickly determine which candidates to make a priority.

developerDB tech talent profiles come with personal emails, social media, work history etc.

We have a two week free trial and incredible pricing. We would welcome the chance to demo and discuss our product with you. 

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