Start Business Relationships with Transparency

Start Business Relationships with Transparency

We believe that transparency is the only way to start a relationship.

For SaaS, the most important form of transparency is pricing. Unfortunately, it’s often the last thing software vendors want to talk about.

Isn’t it amazing how many recruiting service providers don’t show pricing up front? First have to “request a demo” and then sit through the presentation before you even know how much it will cost you.

Then, at the end of the demo you’re often under the gun to make a buying decision. You get pressured before missing a great time-sensitive ‘deal’ or promotion. What happened to being able to first get a chance to properly test drive the solution and really vet things out?

With developerDB, you find pricing front and center.

No tricks, no mirrors. Up-front honest pricing with a chance to take it for a spin first.
SaaS purchases should not be like buying a Timeshare

For those that have never attended a real estate timeshare pitch, consider yourself lucky. It goes something like this.

An upbeat sales person talks on and on about how great it will be to spend time vacationing. Then, shows you tons of beautiful pictures along with a slew of sister properties, while they reel you in. You are essentially in a romantic trance as it’s admittedly hard to break the spell. Then, out comes the price!

Unfortunately, buying SaaS solutions today is not all that different.

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Has this happened to you recently?

You searched for that next killer recruiting app and found yourself sizing up a solution. You go through a 45-60 minute demo. Many of the assorted functions and cool features get covered in their presentation. But the presentation does not go over the price until the end. Why are companies hiding their pricing like this?

To cut through the chase, showing the price up front will not work. First customers need to know the value. The sales team must dazzle the audience with all sorts of features. Which turn out to be of low ROI (if used at all) before knocking you over with the cost.

The true value of any solution is less about overblown features. Customers need features that they’ll use day-to-day. If you’ve ever purchased SaaS software, how many times did things not turn out like you planned? You only used a fraction of the features you saw in the demo. Or had to upgrade to get functionality that you thought gets included in the base price.

Whatever happened to good ole pricing transparency? Well, when value is obvious, there is no need to hide pricing before building up a justification. It’s that simple.

At developerDB we’re confident about our value so price is always fully transparent.

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